Sports Card Collector

Sports Card Collector 5.1

Software to help organize your baseball, football, and other sports cards
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Sports Card Collector can help to organize a collection of sports cards such as baseball cards, football cards, and basketball cards. The user interface is easy to use enabling you to easily record, search, edit, and sort through information on each sports card. You can enter in notes and statistics in larger text section allotted to each sports card. An image in .gif or .jpg format can be associated with a card and a thumbnail of the picture will be displayed when the card is selected in the browse window. Several fields can be typed in for each item including team, card brand, category, purchase date, date of card, etc. In the browse window you can sort the sports cards by brand or the card name. You can also select just a certain category, like baseball or football, by selecting the category tab. There is a find function as well as a alphabet search for really large databases. You can enter as many cards as you like and make as many card files as you want. Other features include customizable labels, printouts of sorted reports and labels, undo, copy, delete, and export of data.

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